Month: January 2010

New Tab

In the recent re-design of The Edge of the Inside, you will notice a new tab – Book Reviews. One of my “resolves” of this year is to finish a number of books previously started but not completed. The goal is a book a week. Under the new tab … Continue reading

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Liberation – Thoughts from the Edge

Haiti suffers under the devastation of a recent earthquake. The country reels from a series of recent natural disasters – tropical storms and hurricanes. Reports indicate the utter collapse of Haiti’s infrastructure, even as precarious as it was prior to the tragedy.

Is. 62 may well be timely. A … Continue reading

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Primitive Christianity? Looking Back for a Way Forward

Some years ago a group fashioned itself as a renewal group. Intent to stem the perceived tide of progress they labeled themselves a group to return a local church to “a New Testament Church.” After some years of college and seminary I reflected on that moment in my Christian … Continue reading

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Weekly Video – Now In a New Place

Each week I like to post a video. The content varies. It may be a brief clip of N.T. Wright. Or, maybe a song by a group introduced to me by Steve McCoy like, “I, Love, You” by the Avett Brothers. During the weeks of Advent I liked a … Continue reading

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Friday Photo

In the aftermath of the Oklahoma Blizzard of 2009 a variety of birds came looking for food. Perched ready to feed on our suet feeder was this beauty.

These friends are quite skittish. The “hubble,” as Charlie calls, it came in very handy. … Continue reading

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