Month: January 2010

Gathered – Thoughts from the Edge

Sometimes tasks seem insurmountable. In our day it seems there are constant reminders of the social divisions that mark our current milieu. Considering the upcoming selected texts from the RCL left me wondering about the task of gathering a people from all over the world to enjoy life with God.

Surely the divisions are too deep and the distance too great. Yet, the LORD speaks in Isaiah 43 and contends he will overcome divisions and distance and gather a people. Life with God will not be something that is fashioned after our current segregated tendencies. Instead the waters of baptism and the fire of the Spirit creates something new.

What are you thoughts on these passages?

Family Celebrations

The Blizzard of 09 here in Oklahoma kept us cold, digging out, and spending some time together sans Internet. It is not that we did not have access, but when you find yourself with extra time to spend together, surfing the net is not near as fun as movies with the family or just hanging out.

We celebrate two birthdays quite close together. December 31 is Tommie’s birthday – our youngest. This was the big 21st. She has been battling h pylori and did not get to enjoy her Thanksgiving meals. We asked Rusty to deep fry a couple, added the potatoes and dressing. Mixed in some green beans and bacon wrapped little smokeys. Invited some of her friends and had a good time. Jason, her husband, was lead planner and he did a great job with the cupcake stands.

Today is Patty’s birthday. We don’t publicize the number. We are going to dinner and spend an evening out in the continuing cold. But together, ready for the mushy stuff, we will be warm. Happy Birthday Patty!

Addicted to Violence – Contra Jesus’ and Reconciliation

I recently read a Tweet by Michael Carpenter. He doesn’t get UFC. Me either. I grew up watching Joe Frazier. The “Thrilla in Manila” was a fight to remember. Over time though I really fail to see how such pugilistic pummeling can be celebrated by people who understand what it means to be created in the image of God.

My friend Mike posted this video and I re-post it here. What are your thoughts?