Month: February 2010

Friday Photo – Framing

My friend Spencer, as well as instructor photographer Hugh Scott, described a way to frame in the camera using the elements in the scene you want to capture. Here I am hoping to capture one of my favorites, the reflection, the structures above and below the water provide something of a natural frame.

On a side note, we are glad we avoided the latest threat of snow. One more opportunity on the horizon late Sunday. Here’s to hoping for more sun than snow in March.

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Lent and Imitation – Thoughts from the Edge

“Never imitated. Never duplicated.” Product teasers look to point out the unique features of their item. Distinguishing one item from the other may mean the difference in being in the “black” or in the “red.” Often people think the aim is unique individuality. The problem is our “style” is often a result of a complex matrix unconsciously borrowed from others. We may highlight one aspect more than another and so bring some distinction, but really we tend to take in a host of impulses and create what we like to call our own. Read More

Groeschel’s Advice to the UMC er uh SBC

I read the report of the GCRTF of the SBC last night. I could not help but think Craig Groeschel typed the wrong letters when he began a series of suggestions for the UMC. It may well have been we should have invited Craig to speak to the GCRTF of the UMC SBC. He closes with this,

Today’s generation wants to join a cause, not an organization. I would have suggested investing $20,000 each into 1,000 UMC church plants across the United States. Starting new churches is easier than revitalizing old churches. Once a new movement begins, revitalizing the old becomes much more doable.

My thought on this: People are more likely to join a new mission rather than an old denomination.

My friend Alan Cross offers some thoughts on the subject here.

Lent Reflections from The Hill

Our staff at Snow Hill will offer Lent Reflections from The Hill beginning today through Good Friday. We will offer thoughts from Monday-Thursday and invite you to comment. Fridays will be a day to reflect on the entire collection of texts wherein we invite you to offer a comment in the comment section for discussion. We hope these short pieces give you an occasion to consider the story of God in Jesus, the Christ.

Brad, our Youth Minister, kicks off each week. His post will go up shortly here.

Friday Saturday Photo

A few weeks ago Charlie and me looked for some photo opportunities after the snow. We do like the reflecting pool at the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum.  Floating in the very shallow pool was this “snow glacier.” Yes, that is my description. The online version does not quite capture the detail in the water bordering the mound of snow.

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