Month: May 2010

Joshua Case(s) the Oil Spill Around the Table

Theology student, golfer, and competing podcaster Joshua Case is joined by Julia Clawson, Ben Lowe, and Tom Sine discussing the nearly month old offshore pipeline disaster. I describe the event that way as it just does not make much sense to me to refer to thousands of gallons a day as a “spill.”

Central to this podcast episode – “What should Christians think, say, and do in relationship to such a disaster?” As Tom Sine points out in the course of the discussion, Christians have learned to mobilize to help in the face of natural disasters – Katrina, tsunamis, earthquakes and floods. But, what are we to do when the drama unfolds miles from the shore.

Ben Lowe and Julia Clawson remind us that while finger waving goes onĀ  in Washington, we who are so dependent upon petroleum products bear some responsibility as we sate our appetite for more and better.

Tom Sine contends we must really re-think our eschatology to include the redeeming of all things – including Creation.

Take some time and go give the podcast a listen. Likely there will be something to provoke you to thinking – or should!

You Can’t Tripp N.T. Wright

My friends Tripp and Chad interviewed Bishop Tom for their renowned podcast. After responding to the work of other theologians, academics, etc, Wright discusses his newest book, After You Believe. In Tripps humorous idiomatic expression, the interview is full of nuggets of goodness. Take a listen. What do you think?

Unity? What Will I Do? – Thoughts from the Edge

A certain perception of unity often leaves people critical of Christianity. The varieties of Christian denominations dwarf Basking Robins 31 flavors. In fact, just the varietals of Baptists leave people spinning as to why so many. Most people consider this an expression of the divisive nature of people. To be sure there is some truth to that. Just consider the wrangling in 1 Corinthians.

But, sometimes it is the result of finite expressions of an Infinite Triune God. Jesus prayed for unity among those who would follow him then and today (John 17). Certainly that did not necessarily mean uniformity. Read the differences between the players in Acts 16. One a slave girl and one a Philippian jailer. One used for the financial gain of others and one used in the oppression of others. Though both encountered the Liberating King. Both at the point of “What will I do?”

What we do will be born out in the end. Sometimes we do not like looking with the end in view. Especially if we have created a neat way to avoid responsibility. Not so fast reminds the Revelation (22). What will you do?

Friday Photo … Drawn to the Light

Those little brown flying bugs that go by the name “June” provoke shrieks around our place. It may be Patty or one of the girls when they are over. Maybe these grubs turned flying nuisance appear in June in some places, but they have already shown up here in central Oklahoma. We were enjoying a nice cool evening and I watched this little bug play around by our yard lights. Patty thought someone should have taken a photo of me getting these shots lying on the sidewalk. I was simply fascinated at how the bug settled into one spot after flitting around for a bit appearing to soak up the light like a body in a tanning bed.

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Helping Others to See – Thoughts from the Edge

David asked where the pic was of me with my new “bi-focals.” Yes, it had to come to that. Dr. Womack put me through the rigors of an exam. He calmly noted I had not had my eyes check in more than 12 years. It was time!

You likely have sat in one of those chairs. The machine with all the different optics. Then the clearly enunciated, “One or two, two or three, three or four.” Now you know when you get to options beyond two or three your eyes really need fine tuned. Seeing is much easier even if getting used to “no line” specs is not so much. But, Dr. Womack’s skill enabled me to see better than I have up close in a few years.

One nuance of the texts from the Revised Common Lectionary point out just how we help people to see. Rather than play to Judas’ (not Iscariot) question about exclusivity, Jesus drew Judas and all other disciples into participation in living out the love God has for the world – helping them to see. The distinction is clear – that is seeing is clear. Loving Jesus is inexorably linked to living his life of love in our own lives with and in the world.

Here are some thoughts? What are yours?