Month: August 2010

Cohen Alan – Day 28, Finally Home

Four weeks to the day and almost to the hour, Cohen Alan left the NICU at Children’s Hospital and rode his chariot home. What a difference four weeks make. Make no mistake, he is still quite small. But 1 1/2 lbs later and passing all of his required milestones meant “home” would be the new office.

If you had to be in the NICU then we believe we were in the right place. The Nursing Staff all the way down to our favorite cashier in the Cafeteria made our time a very good experience. Dr. Kessinger kept us informed and encouraged. The variety of shift nurses must be commended. How they handle the ups and downs in the NICU offering great care and compassion is a tribute to their sense of vocation – God’s angels for us. Read More

Friday Photo(s) – Grammy Looking On … and Good Too

One week ago today, we timed it right. Cohen had escaped the box for a bit and we happened to arrive at the hospital in time. Seventeen days after he was born, we got to hold our little grandson. And, I mean little.

Watching him from outside the isolette you can easily tell he is small. But, it really becomes apparent when it is your turn to hold him.

Yesterday we learned he may get to come home in a couple of weeks. We know that can change from day to day. But for now, we won’t wish our lives away but we will look forward to seeing Cohen Alan in something other than an isolette real soon!

Enjoy. I am. Read More

The Cohen Alan Report – Day 24

Yesterday I received this photo on my phone with the caption, “Hello G-pa Doc.” Needless to say nothing could go wrong after that!

Cohen weighs just under 3 lbs. and 11 oz. He is eating well and growing. We are not sure when he will get out of the “box” but he is holding his temperature on his own. We hope he moves into a new bed when he hits the 4 lb. mark.

I have some thoughts about the “box” and our natural tendency to both want to escape the box and at the same time feel the comfort of the boundaries the box provides. But, this is not a time for the “preacher” to reflect. It is a time for Grandpa Doc to thank you for your thoughts and prayers as Craig’s “mini-me” continues to grow.


Water, Places, Hospitality – Thoughts from the Edge

Recently Chris Seay described the completion of a water well in Haiti. He just as well heralded a vein of gold had been hit. In a country ravaged by hurricanes and earthquakes in the past couple of years, water is a precious commodity.

The imagery in the Jeremiah passage for this week reminds us the value of running water – living water 0ver against contained water, captured in a cistern. Too often Christian people want a God to possess, to control. We create systems wherein God is required to act or behave in a way we manage. It is an old story. It is a common practice.

People who should be alert to the uncontainable God should also be prepared to let the love given in Jesus flow freely through us to all rather than appoint special days for people to be helped and take seats from those who may deserve them more. You never know when the stranger may be an angel.

What are your thoughts on this week’s Scriptures?

Fire the Pastor – Come to Revival

Celebrate the Liberating King. Come join us in firing our Pastor. Revival Coming.

I receive print and e-newsletters from various churches. Most often they come from friends and the churches they either attend or serve in some capacity. One of these recent print newsletters contained three stories all on the front page.

A group of people celebrated the liberating work of the Spirit of God as they worked through various addictions. Their group meets in a local church. An event was held to affirm, encourage, and cheer on those who experienced the freedom from their personal addictions.

Another group of people in this same local church called for the pastor’s resignation. Calling members to make the action a matter of prayer, the date was set for this impending vote and its consequent actions.

Beneath it all is the printed announcement of the upcoming revival dates for this local church.

I sincerely hope the local church that sent out this newsletter only made this one oversight – sending this newsletter to someone who is not a member of the local church – me. I fear they did not think that far.

If I ever had reservations about attending a local church, this kind of mixed message would give me pause to reconsider. What are we thinking when the outgoing Pastor celebrates the Liberating King, is under fire and threat of termination, and the church calls attention to an impending revival? I am guessing the Pastor will be liberated from such foolishness and in the oddest sort of way the church will hope for revival.

All of this and the Sunday that the Revival is planned to begin is none other than, “Back to Church Sunday.”