Month: September 2010

Friday Photo – Cohen Is Hanging Around

Tomorrow would have been Cohen Alan’s due date. But, he has been hanging around since August 2. Just to prove it we snapped this photo as evidence.

Yes, you guessed it. Patty strikes again. With the message, “Welcome Me to the World,” we continue to admit our world is … Continue reading

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Invisible Visible – Thoughts from the Edge

“I walked right by it and did not see it.” How many times has that been your experience? Sometimes I am in a hurry. Other times I am tuned into something else entirely. On a few occasions I need someone to help me see what I have missed. Scott … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Crossing Midfield, First Down!

We are University of Oklahoma fans. Cohen’s Dad, Craig, is an Oklahoma State fan. We are all football fans. So, what better way to initiate Cohen into one of our favorite sports? That’s right, get him on the field early.

Patty is up to her creative genius in these … Continue reading

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Gekko, Bud Fox and Jesus – Thoughts from the Edge

What would Jesus say about Gordon Gekko and Bud Fox? What difference would it make? Well if have not heard Gordon Gekko is out of prison and makes a return to Wall Street (Money Never Sleeps). Yes, I will see the follow-up to the 1987 hit if … Continue reading

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Generosity and the Kingdom of God – A Generous Soul

Christians may not have a corner on the market when it comes to generosity. In fact, American Christians seem always in search of a form of their faith that makes them less generous rather than more so. Enter Marty Duren and his new book, The Generous Soul. One … Continue reading

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