Month: November 2010

Late Friday Photo(s) – Aye Mate … First Halloween for Cohen

What to be for the first “Halloween?” A pirate of course. Arghhh. Grammy made the blanket and the outfit. Eye patch and ear ring included courtesy of WalMart.

The little guy continues to grow. He weighed in at 9 lbs. this morning. I generally get my Friday Photo up a bit sooner. But this morning I had an early conference call, and a couple of other phone calls to make. Cohen arrived before I was able to get to posting. After all, he did need to make sure Grandpa Doc was doing well. Mommy watched Grammy sewing on another project.

I have heard there is a bow tie in the offing. Can’t wait to see how this is showcased with the little fellow.

The second photo was taken just across the river north of our house. Deer grazing.

Enjoy! We do.

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Sans the MacBook

What happens when the keyboard and trackpad lock up on the MacBook Pro? A trip to the Genius Bar and the hope it will be fixed by tomorrow.

Will enjoy the limited technology of the iPad until then. 🙂

Dynamics of Healthy Missional Community – Biblical Seminary

About the time I think I am ready to write a book, I read what I was thinking already published. Call me slow. Maybe it is the temptation to delay finality on a subject. After all, learning is an ongoing experience in spite of references to “terminal degrees.” On education and degrees, Biblical Theological Seminary will be offering the course, Dynamics of Healthy Missional Community (syllabus pdf) beginning January 3, 2010. Yours truly, yes me, will be leading this online learning experience. The course is part of Biblical’s Master’s degree in Missional Church Planting.

Certainly the scope of the course would take in any person interested in exploring dynamics of healthy community from the standpoint of a Christian faith community – existing or a planned church start.

Are you considering church planting? Consider Biblical Seminary. Are you interested in the shape of Christian community? Consider Dynamics of Healthy Missional Community.

Friday Photo – Dreaming and Waiting

Tuesday Cohen hit the 3 month mark. Just one day after the start of “National Preemie Awareness Month.” We have learned quite a bit in these last three months. One is to pay attention. These little ones change fast. It is not that other babies don’t experience the same. I guess it is just going from the “box” to a shoulder is more than going from the “baby carrier” to the shoulder.

Cohen is steadily moving toward 9 lbs. We are praying for a healthy winter complete with the absence of the flu and whooping cough. You could say we are “dreaming and waiting.”

The two photos today are markedly different. I stared at this little hand while Cohen rested on Grammy’s shoulder. Then I went back through some photos and found an old Triumph in need of restoration. Maybe it is waiting for just the right hands to make the dream live. Who knows.

Enjoy. We do!

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Subverting the Norm – The Hope of Conversations, Part the Fifth

Where do you express your questions? doubts? I recently read a Tweet from a friend who followed the pattern of contending it is the Devil’s trick to fill us with doubt. I always thought he was the “Father of Lies.” I do understand that a lie may make a person doubt. But, reading the Scriptures it always seems to be the Truth that prompts us to doubt. We doubt the way we see the world when confronted with the Way of Jesus. We doubt the way we express love when we consider the depth of Jesus’ love. We doubt the way we view people when we consider Jesus and Zacchaeus or his story of the Samaritan.

No, I am not sure I buy into the idea that the “Devil” wants us to doubt. I would believe him perfectly content to let me go on seeing the world the way I want to. Believing a lie seems much easier than doubting. Any doubts I have about the Way of Jesus present themselves not as doubting Jesus, but the manner of our following. Where do you express those notions? From the pulpit? Well, that is not too fashionable. “Hey folks, we have gotten Jesus wrong for so long. Let me tell you how . . ..” This is precisely how I felt when I read Philip Yancey’s, The Jesus I Never Knew
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