Month: December 2010

Friday Photo – New Year’s Eve Baby … Tommie

Twenty-two years ago this morning Patty woke me up to say, “We better get to the hospital or . . ..” It was the “or” part I was not sure I wanted to question. I still remember that foggy Saturday morning. We made the trek down Wheatland Road to Charlton Methodist Hospital. Within about twenty minutes we had our Tommie.

Parents like to think they shape their children. And, in certain ways there is little doubt. The older Tommie gets the more I see the ways Patty’s heart for other people is demonstrated in Tommie’s concern for others. She loves her new job caring for children with terminal conditions. She has always had a place for those who seem to fall through the cracks or are discarded by human systems that reward privilege.

Children shape their parents. Only the most strident, un-yielding parent could contend their children do not in some way help them become both better people and better parents. We are glad for both our girls. But today, is Tommie Day. We, Patty and me, are glad God gifted us with Tommie. Our shared lives have made us better people and better parents.

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Ernest Cajoles the Entitled at Christmas

Ernest remarks, “I’m not familiar with any passage that reads, “Take offense at those who insult your sense of entitlement.” Ouch!

A couple of years ago we moved our Thanksgiving Dinner to a Sunday between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Rather than burden those who would volunteer to bake a ham or cook a turkey for the meal the same week they would do so for their family’s made sense. Those who cooked appreciated the consideration. It is not that these folks serve without sacrifice and so we must coddle them at every turn. We simply thought it healthy to allow them to enjoy what the rest of us benefit from – less stress.

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Sleeping At Last – Snow

Some of the best music I enjoy was discovered on Noisetrade. Recently I was looking for ┬ásome Christmas music and someone, sorry cannot recall who, pointed me to Sleeping At Last. I received and email from Sleeping At Last about a video produced to go with their Christmas song, “Snow.” You may watch the video in the sidebar. Get the music you will enjoy.

Public Libraries and Tax Cuts – Curious Intersections

Last week I noted I would be voting for the proposed plan to bring a public library to the City of Tuttle. For the third time, the attempt failed. I am hoping the efforts continue. One of these days we hope there will be a public library in Tuttle.

During a conversation last week a friend and I were wondering just what brought the third defeat. Was it a matter of location? Would people have voted for the measure had the proposed location been centered in another part of the City? Maybe somewhere more near Highway 37 and Highway 4? Who knows. Was it a matter of funding? Would people have voted for the measure had there been no request for a 1/2 cent sales tax designated for the project? Maybe the issue was the Tuttle Public School District patrons did not want their property taxes to increase to suppor the Library. Who knows. Read More

I Am Voting “Yes” – Tuttle Library Question

Voting is now done by secret ballot. Only if a person declares their own action publicly will anyone know how a vote is cast. Today, I am voting for the Tuttle Library. The advantages to our community with the vote for Tuttle to participate in the Pioneer Library System outstrips what meager increases come in ad valorem and local sales taxes. If a family would choose not to eat two meals out over the course of the year it would likely cover the cost increase. Add in the commitment of the City of Tuttle to make space for a library in the soon to be built City Hall and what is left is for the citizens of Tuttle and the patrons in the Tuttle School District to add their “Yes” vote.

Unfortunately this is not the first vote for a library in Tuttle. But, it can be the first “Yes” vote.

Click the “Read More” for the “Fact Sheet” distributed by the Friends of the Tuttle Library.

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