Year: 2010

Advent Through a Marxian Lens – An Advent Mashup

(Adapted and expanded from my Shaping Us Toward Monday piece for Snow Hill.)

We sometimes read the Scriptures through the lens we have been given. For instance, most of us read Matthew 1:18-25 and use Matthews lens for reading Isaiah 7:10-17. Before long we assume Isaiah was hoping … Continue reading

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Snow Hill Launches Re-Designed Website … Still In Progress

Snow Hill Baptist Church, the local church I enjoy serving with and the greatest church in the Country as I like to put it, launched its re-designed website the first week of December. It is still a work in progress but is coming along quite nicely. I wanted … Continue reading

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Friday Photo On Saturday … Cohen and Marie

The rhythms of life include a variety of experiences. For pastors we often witness the highs and lows, the ups and downs. This week’s photos capture the intersection of those extremes. Marie holds Cohen. She prayed for Kimberly and Craig for the few years they hoped to have a … Continue reading

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John’s Decrease … And Our Own – An Advent Mashup for Pastors

Twenty years ago I published my first article. My mentor had a relationship with a magazine editor in charge of one of our denominational periodicals. Rick suggested to Richard that he should invite me to write a couple of articles. What to write? Then, as today, any hint of … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Five Generations and Walking Together

You never know how often you will get to snap one of these. Five generations at Thanksgiving. Paul, likely the best photographer among our would-be-band-of-amateurs, ¬†took this shot. From just over three months to 95 we like to get one of these each time we are together. Cohen turned … Continue reading

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