Year: 2010

Friday Photo – Intent, Smile

What do they think as they look around and discover new things each day? How about those eyes? ┬áLocked in. Taking it all in. Yes, that’s Grammy’s trademark “skulls” hat that made up part of his “pirate” outfit.

We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday. And, yes, we are thankful for the … Continue reading

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I Did Not Go to the Prom – Or, In Defense of J.D. Greear

(Sometimes writing is “risk-taking.” Pastors writing on sensitive subjects on the interwebs may have dire consequences when words fail to stir healthy conversation. I write this post on my website. I am expressing my convictions not those of my church. The church I pastor is comprised of people who Continue reading

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They Are Gold(en) – Happy 50th Mom and Dad

My pastor growing up, Bro. Justice, once remarked to my brother Paul and I, “You have a great heritage.” He knew my grandparents – paternal and maternal. He also knew my parents. He was right then, and though he is now gone, he is right today.

Fifty years ago … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Colors at Drury and Eyelashes in Bark

I know. Where is this week’s photo of Cohen Alan. The last couple of weeks we have not had as much time for Grammy’s imagination. But, that will change soon.

While we wait, here are a couple of photos from our trip to Springfield, MO last month. Many of … Continue reading

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Who Is Looking At You? Mashup of Rollins, Dash and Ward

They said there would be weeks like this. Out of the gate it is busy. I am heading up for a doctor’s appointment for Cohen. Hopefully just verifying he has a “preemie” tummy and nothing more. Both of his parents had tummy trouble as infants so we are thinking … Continue reading

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