Year: 2011

New Year’s Eve Baby

“You’re not quite ready.” Words an about-to-deliver mother never wants to hear. “I’ll be back,” she replied. Hours later the drive down Wheatland Road toward Charlton Methodist Hospital was slowed by thick fog. Emergency flashers and lights signaled urgency to other travelers before 7:00 a.m. on that Saturday twenty-three … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – All Smiles

Daddies love it when their girls smile. I just received a text from Tommie. They got some sleep last night. She is feeling like a new woman. Tommie sent along this (left) photo with a “Good Morning Grammy and Grandpa!”

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Max Arrives – Two Now Three

What a day. Jason called about 4:00 p.m. and said, “Well it looks like it is time.” After enduring increasingly intense contractions, Tommie made her doctor’s appointment about 3:30 p.m. They wheeled her over to the Labor & Delivery floor at Children’s.

Patty had just begun a long procedure … Continue reading

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“After my first bath,” Max

You can be sure there will be more photos to come. Here is one Jason took of Max after his first bath and after the crowd left.


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Max Nolen – We Are Looking for You

The new grandson derby is on. No, Tommie and Jason are not at the hospital as I type this post. We hope they make a trip this week though. On December the 6th Tommie invited best guesses as to when Max would arrive. I chose December 30. I know … Continue reading

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