Month: April 2011

April Fool – Valleys and Hope . . . Thanks Lyle

I missed a few days. Every time I applied the sense of a “legalist” to my hope of posting something from Lyle’s blog every day, I went back and read one of his about busyness. For now, this is my last post in the series remembering Lyle, for now. I intentionally wanted to make it to April. The post I reference will make that clear.

About ten years ago I heard an African-American pastor preach a message where he emphasized the “to” in a phrase from Scriptures. I admit, he got more out of that “to” than I have ever heard anyone before. The phrase he referenced was, “from strength to strength.”

Taken from a passage encouraging people to see the “valley” as a place we move from “strength to strength.” In a couple of weeks I will be speaking to a group of social workers about teenage depression and suicide. As I have been planning for that talk I could not help but think of this post. No, Lyle was not depressed. But, events could well be seen as depressing.

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