Month: May 2011

The Loser Letters – Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?

In my days as a youth minister, limited as they were, I recall working with Scott hosting the late Larry Norman. The edgy controversial “Father of Christian Rock” offered some interesting lyrics and song titles. Who could forget, “ target=”_blank”Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?Continue reading

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Community, Commitment and Conflict … Church?

A long-time family friend e-mailed me recently. We had talked a few months ago about a matter in his local church rising to the level of denominational point of contention. Henderson Hills Baptist Church in Edmond, OK made public a lengthy study into the relationship between church membership and … Continue reading

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Movie recommendation …

We just returned from a field trip; we went to the movies. Recommending movies can be a precarious undertaking. For example, I would recommend “Big Fish” to a maturer audience. Some who have seen it may be scratching their heads at this point. But, a couple of scenes where … Continue reading

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Driscoll Calls Out Conference Christians – Irony?

The spectrum is wide when it comes to opinions about “celebrity” Christians. There are those who believe there is a place for such a standing in the midst of a culture that adores its celebrities. The argument would go something like this. If everyone is going to choose a … Continue reading

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Friday Photo Extra – You

Can you look away? When he stares it is as if to say, “You.” We walked in the March of Dimes walk at the State Fairgrounds on May 7. Of course, I had to have the camera handy.

Waiting on it all to begin, Cohen is content to watch … Continue reading

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