Month: May 2011

On the floor (Cold)play ing with my Best Friend

The seat did not matter. I had never bought tickets to a pop/rock/alternative concert before. When it was announced that Coldplay would be coming to Oklahoma City in July, I accessed Ticketmaster and clicked the button for tickets. Growing up it was about the “seat.” Since I had never … Continue reading

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Great week …

Returned yesterday from camp with our young people. What a great group they were!

I should be back at my blog for a while now. I will reflect on the week at the Creek and the upcoming marriage of our oldest – yes, that is what I wrote.

Enjoy.… Continue reading

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Weeds and rants …

It always sneaks up on me. I look at those flower beds and they look like just a few weeds need to be pulled. Six inches of rain mixed with plenty of sun and those few weeds multiplied. In the middle of a number of projects I am trying … Continue reading

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What Would Empathy Civilisation Mean for Loving Our Neighbors – Weekly Video

Too often questions that emerge between science and theology sidetrack the occasions where there is agreement. In this week’s weekly video, see the right sidebar, the question of soft-wired human tendencies seem strikingly similar to the aim Jesus pointed at in exhibiting what Willard describes as the most fully … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Been A While

It has been a while. There are weeks where the daily grind side tracks some good post ideas. You can expect more in the “Peanut Butter -n- Jelly” series about theological conversations.

One thing is for sure, though it has been a while, you will always nearly have a … Continue reading

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