Month: September 2011

Friday Photo – Wood and Light

Beautiful woodwork adorns the ceiling of the chapel at Friends University. Last weekend Patty and I drove to Wichita, KS. She enjoyed her books and I took in several sessions of a conference hosted by Friends’ Apprentis Institute. Sitting in the chapel on Saturday morning waiting to hear Scot McKnight, I snapped a shot of the ceiling and the one of the lights too dark to take in during the previous evening session.

Architecture always intrigues me. Consider the stained glass on the back wall of the chapel. Wood and Light.

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Clippings No. 5

Scot McKnight recently spoke at the Apprentis Institute at Friends University. He demonstrated his knack for a turn of the phrase. Recounting Peter’s ongoing conversion, Scot described what Peter learned in his vision on the roof. Aside from discovering there is some good food to be eaten once he was knocked off his “kosher block,” he (Peter) learned the Jews ” were not a cut above any other people.”

After he finished his talk he sat with James Bryan Smith and Dallas Willard for a brief conversation. You should look for the recording of this session for both McKnight’s talk and the conversation that followed. Willard remarked that how one understands the Cross event informs their vision of God. Scot interjected that there needs to be some hard work looking into how we now understand the word translated propitiation in Romans 3. Would have paid twice the price to hear a few hours on that discussion.

Those are two clippings from sitting in on Scot’s session. I had a great time hanging out with Mark Scandrette. It had been almost four years. We talked about practical spiritual formation and the role of the pastor. You should pick up his new book, Practicing the Way of Jesus: Life Together in the Kingdom of Love. Now to some clips from my online reading over the past week or so. Read More

Wide Eyes and Heading South – Friday Photo(s)

Last month we announced our second grandchild would be a boy, Max. Jason and Tommie had a “Reveal Party” for some of their friends. We tagged along. And, Cohen certainly did not want to miss out on the grand announcement. Grammy was holding him when I snapped this shot. As we watch both of these boys, and any others who come along, there will be plenty of wide-eyed moments. Without a doubt parents and grandparents have some of their own wide-eyed encounters.

We hope that one of the experiences that capture their eyes will be the wonder of the world around them. I came home from the office yesterday and Patty was sitting on the back porch with a set of binoculars. I asked what she was watching for. She noted that for the previous hour the Monarch Butterflies were making their track south right through our back yard. She counted at least 45 in the space of an hour. We sat and watched countless others. As the sun began to set lower in the West we noticed several taking rest in our trees. Patty picked this one as her favorite.

Enjoy. We do!

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Is God Among Us? – Thoughts From the Edge

Five months ago I encountered a wonky podcast plugin. Looking for a solution ran into the brick wall of time. Summer came and with it other matters that rose to the top of the “To Do” list for each week.

I recently discovered a solution and am glad to be thinking out loud again on one or more of the suggested texts from the Revised Common Lectionary for the coming week. I hope you will listen in, even subscribe to the podcast. Then, let’s have a conversation about the Scriptures covered in the comments.

In the coming episodes, I will offer something akin to “Show Notes” here in the post introducing the weekly podcast.

Thanks for stopping by and participating.

Who Is On the Lawn? Or, Those “Scary Others” As Conversation Partners

“Who is in the front yard?” Growing up in Oklahoma City on 17th Street we had a protected front porch. Holly Bushes lined the two exposed sides. I am thinking they were at least five feet tall. But then again, in my mind’s eye that was when I was a bit shorter.

These prickly barriers kept eyes from peering in our front door on summer days when the glass was raised to let in a summer breeze. At the same time, they only allowed us to see the shadows of those who entered the front yard from time to time. Those were safer days everywhere.

If C.S. Lewis offered the picture of Christianity as a building with one large hallway lined with doors and rooms behind them representing the various Christian Traditions/denominations, what about the yard? What about when we leave the building? Surely with the future hope of the City of God we could imagine in Lewis’ analogy there would be a front lawn where others passed from time to time. Doubtless we may encounter those scary others in many places beyond the lawn, but to press the imagery too far risks missing the point.

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