Month: December 2011

Friday Photo – Getting My Leg(o)s

Cohen began to get the hang of walking right around Thanksgiving. A couple of weeks later we took a trip to the mall to snap some photos with Santa. Once he discovered his walking legs, we are finding it hard to keep up with him. Walking around the mall was a bit like ice skating in his crocheted shoes courtesy of his mother (Oikos Handmade).

After we hit a few shops the ladies were interested in, Cohen and me snuck over to the Lego Store. Oh what fun we will have. Add the soon coming Max Nolan and the three of us will have quite a time using our imaginations and those cool “blocks.”

Merry Christmas.

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Christian Identity – Guest Post from The Ex-Reverend

Evidently The Ex-Reverend found yesterday’s lunch conversation worthy of reflection. For those who know Greg it may come as a shock that he is not really pining to pound the Church and Christians at every turn. But, he is not letting the Church or Christians off the hook easy when we trot out well-rehearsed euphemisms as explanation for our “beliefs,” much less our praxis.

In some regards you would understand Greg better if you found him something of a modern day Viktor Frankl asking questions about meaning. Please do not invest the analogy with more than the penchant to ask questions. Greg did not suffer in a concentration camp but did endure experiences which prompt the same sort of existential interests. Along the way Greg pushes us like Inigo pressed Vizzini in The Princess Bride with, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Here is a re-post with permission. “Christian Identity, or Can Baby Jesus Get Some Love.” Read More

Question from The Ex-Reverend

Over lunch today my friend The Ex-Reverend noted that he would ask Christian churches not having worship on Sunday, “Why?”

I found this an interesting question. And, it demonstrates a genuine interest in understanding. So many think the motive is always to undermine and undercut Christianity, Christians, and “the Faith.” Not true.

So, I am throwing out the question, “If your church is not having worship on Christmas Day (Sunday), why not?”

Christmas As Therapy for the Church

Would Christian churches cancel services on Easter Sunday? Are you kidding? That would be akin to the United States canceling Independence Day celebrations. Question many Christians’ celebration of those two events and said group would “Occupy” in a way that would make the Arab Spring merely a blip on the radar of history. In some circles you need but question Independence Day celebrations on Sunday to experience a plague of Mosaic proportions. Just ask my “former-pastor” brother.

Yet, for at least two months, Christian churches have considered what to do about services when Christmas falls on Sunday. Ed Stetzer began crowd sourcing on his blog on October 27. “What does your church plan to do?” Research conducted by Lifeway noted that at least 90% of pastors surveyed were planning worship on Christmas Day this Sunday.

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Sometimes the unexpected events in our lives need to be given time to settle over us. Too quick to fit them neatly into our own personal stories we may miss the way in which they challenge us. Listening to  Chris Heuetrz (sidebar video) describe one of those unexpected events left me thinking about the way the story he tells opens up more possibility rather than becomes a formula used to simply create new categories to fit our former ways of thinking.

This is one aspect of Advent.

The coming of Jesus into the world so startled the way reality was understood that it could not be neatly fit into the way things were. It is funny how now on this side of the Incarnation we work so hard to fit that radical move of God’s self-disclosure into manageable packets of information. Read More