Month: January 2012

“Code Language” – Powers Behaving Badly

Conservative. Liberal. Something of a surprise revelation and an accompanying observation was made Sunday as a group of leaders gathered to discuss Tim Keller‘s, Generous Justice, at Snow Hill. Yes, I know. Yesterday I mentioned my friends reading Jacob Taubes and today I note a group where … Continue reading

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The Electio-pacalypse Or, We Need the End of the World As We Know It

Politics and Religion – oil and water? I don’t think so. Just listen. No matter your particular politico-persuasion the end of the world seems to loom at sundown on National Election Day come this November. Pay no attention to the preachers. Listen to the politicians and pundits.

Since the … Continue reading

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More Than Reading Jesus . . . Martin Luther King Jr.

Yesterday Natalie Tweeted –

Natalie Burris

@natalieburrisNatalie Burris
I wonder how many white evangelical churches this a.m. made a peep about MLK Jr.?

I was five years old when Dr. Marin Luther King. Jr was killed. My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Booker, was black. I did not know she was black.

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Friday Photo – Looking At You (Max) and Looking Ahead (Cohen)

What did grandparents do before camera phones? I am glad we don’t have to find out. Yesterday Tommie sent a photo of Max. I would have preferred to take the picture myself which would mean I would have been there to compete with Grammy for some Max time. There … Continue reading

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Max’s First Photo Shoot and Cuz Looks On Smiling


Max Nolen spent the morning at his first photo shoot. His cousin Cohen Alan made a cameo.… Continue reading

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