Month: January 2012

Northsider – Thoughts from the Edge

I grew up on the north side of Oklahoma City. Today that same description would draw objection. Areas much further north have developed since those days. But, the address would still signal north.

Those of you who have lived in areas of geographical divide may immediately get the reference to “northsider.” Maybe the layout of your particular town or city required more of an East/West distinction. If this is foreign, think American history and the Civil War.

Certain perceptions come when we associate people with where they grew up. Maybe the more wealthily lived on the north side. There are far more Country Clubs on the north side of Oklahoma City than on the south side.

What thoughts would come to mind if you considered Jesus a northsider who visited a southside revival? Maybe that is one way to think about Mark 1:4-11.

Happy Birthday Patty

“What do you want for your birthday?” All of her answers were something functional for the house. She mentioned only one thing for herself – a purse. I don’t pick out purses. I learned that lesson picking out jeans 20 plus years ago.

Over Patty’s 33 birthdays I have celebrated with her, no you will not get me to divulge her age, she always prefers something that benefits more than just her. I could tell stories of how hard it is to get her to buy things for herself. She would prefer to give than receive.

Patty remarked while we were going through our morning routine, “Everyone should get their birthday off from work.” I told her I agreed. Not everyone feels this way. Most important employers. She went to work.

In her heart I know she has what she wants for her birthday. Just look at that photo again. Just one week later and Max would have been born on her birthday. Not a bad present for a Grammy. No, knowing her girls, their husbands, and her grands are close is present enough. Keeping with her way of being in the world, she will give to them before she thinks about receiving.

Here’s to my best friend. Happy Birthday Patty.

Seven Years Seems Like the Perfect Time

I am a little late in commenting on a recent Baptist World Alliance press release. Not seven years though. The email hit my Inbox on December 21. Fourteen days ago. In the opening paragraph of the release the BWA notes,

Leaders of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) and the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) held a joint meeting on December 19. The meeting was a follow up to a commitment made in April 2004 that both groups “meet at least once per year to continue an ongoing dialogue.”

From the press release it looks like the BWA took the initiative to keep the pledge. The story is a long one. An online acquaintance considers my occasional reference to the withdrawal of the Southern Baptist Convention from the SBC something of an obsession. I consider it an ongoing illustration of how Baptists fragment, if not have a difficult time with reconciliation. Oh the irony. Read More