Month: June 2012

Ruled Out of Order or, A Pusillanimous SBC Part 2

Southern Baptists pride themselves as literalists. The tendency is to employ a rabid love for the meaning of words until it does not suit the purpose. Southern Baptists are then rigid pragmatists. In both instances stridency becomes virtuous, even in the face of withering contradictions. Most people face this oxymoronic existence at least once in life.

Before proceeding with Part 2, Ruled Out of Order or, A Pusillanimous SBC, let me point to an intentional word play and one deliberate word choice that might have gone un-noticed in Part 1. This does not mean other words were flippantly selected.

First, the title of this series, Ruled Out of Order or, A Pusillanimous SBC, uses the indefinite article, a, to describe the SBC. Read More

Friday Photo – Greats All Around

Greatness comes in different shapes and sizes. Great-grandparents and Great-grandchildren are two. We took a number of family pics before we left Edgewater Beach Resort on Lake Taneycomo. Most of the family shots did not turn out so well. Out of the dozen adults in the crew we own five DSLR’s, all Canon’s. No one remembered their tripods or remotes.

I balanced the camera on the Jeep fender and set the timer. One may have needed the luck of the Irish to get a really good shot of all 20 of us. I do have a couple I will put together that demonstrate the Littleton balding pattern . . . on the two youngest adult Littleton.

After looking through all the mediocre photos I found this gem.


We did.

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New York City, New Orleans, Colorado Springs?

Where is Pat Robertson? If only Jerry Falwell could speak from beyond the grave. And, any peeps out of Piper? For a few days now I have wanted to see what others thought about the absence of sin in Colorado Springs, CO. No, seriously.

After 9/11 certain Christians quickly connected the sins of America to the fall of the Twin Towers. Just a few years later, those same voices were announcing Hurricane Katrina as God’s response to a lack of repentance. On lesser scales several devastating tornadoes have been considered the visitation of God’s judgment on other locales for their sins. Maybe those were attempts to work out Billy Graham’s reported pronouncement that if God did not judge America for its sins, He would need to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. Read More

Ruled Out of Order or, A Pusillanimous SBC Part 1

We Southern Baptists really do prefer our words over our deeds. Alan Cross submitted a resolution to the Southern Baptist Convention on Holistic Ministry and Community Involvement. His third resolved read as follows,

RESOLVED, That we encourage every local church to engage the needs of their community with a strong gospel witness in both word and deed as God uniquely gifts, directs, and enables; and be it further

Wednesday morning, June 20, Alan began reading the form of his resolution that made its way out of committee. Read More

Monday Comedic Relief – Jacob Williams

My mind is awash in reflections from the recent Southern Baptist Convention Annual meeting in New Orleans. I am looking at a series titled, Ruled Out of Order. I aim to take several posts and reflect on how I interpret the inaction of the SBC on the Richard Land affair while at the same time electing Fred Luter Jr. President.

What about the Baptist21 event? I read some  comments in the Twitter verse and blog posts. The event was my first . . . and last. No hard feelings. But, I am thinking of offering, Baptist21: A Minority Report. My initial thoughts turn around the fact the best story we can tell after 32 years of the CR in the SBC is the CR in the SBC. We ignore statistics and undercurrents in our attempts to rally a new breed of contenders.

A motion was made regarding the NIV and Lifeway . . . again. Read More