Month: June 2012

Friday Photo – Afternoon Fishing

We were not the only ones fishing on Lake Taneycomo during our recent family vacation. Tommie came back from driving the Jeep and said, “Dad you need to get your camera.”

We drove to the boat launch area only to find this Blue Herron fishing. Lake Taneycomo offers a number of places for these fish-eaters.


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Quoted by Reuters or, What About My Other Comments On the SBC?

Wednesday morning Kathy Finn, a stringer for Reuters, asked if she could speak with me about recent events at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in New Orleans. I had just sat down after losing an appeal to overrule the Chair regarding a motion I made. The motion had been ruled out of order. My brother Paul texted me to tell me I was out of order. You have to love brothers with a satirical sense of humor.

We moved to the hallway where Kathy turned on the recorder. After a series of questions regarding Dr. Luter’s election and my motion she asked about another vote. Finn wanted to know how I felt about the approval of Great Commission Baptists as a descriptor, or tag line, for Southern Baptists.

I searched my own website to see if I had written anything about the matter. Nothing came up in the search. That should tell you something. I was/am ambivalent. Read More

Why I Came to NOLA or, A Vote and an Action

Sixteen years ago I made my first trip to a Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting. I learned I had been nominated to serve on the General Council of the Baptist World Alliance and would qualify to make my first meeting in Hong Kong about a month later. I needed a passport.

Living in flyover country means getting a passport quickly required either paying for accelerated processing or visiting a city where you could receive a passport within twenty-four hours, like New Orleans. Our Youth Minister, at the time, and I made the trip to NOLA to get a passport and make our first SBC Annual Meeting.

I admit to thinking the Disney Boycott was silly. However, I was heartened by the recent affirmation of the SBC apology for our history of racism.

Just a few months ago I had no plans to attend the SBC meeting this summer. In fact, after my trip to San Antonio I was not sure I would make another Annual Meeting. Two reasons for this decision. Read More

Will There Be Blood or, SBC Proxy Wars

When Southern Baptists get together we talk about blood, the blood of Jesus. The 2012 Pastor’s Conference provided opportunity to hear from long time SBC voices, new young voices, and even an outsider who we learned would like to be an insider. For two days the talk was about Jesus.

Today marks the beginning of the Convention meeting. We will talk about blood no less. But, it will be implied rather than explicit. Of course there will be references to Jesus – his life, mostly his death, and resurrection. But, the covert operations that may be witnessed with little or no overt connection will be the usual proxy wars.

A number of years ago entity heads called something of a truce. Rather than attempt to manage all other SBC institutions these Presidents agreed to a unified front and that they would bite their tongues rather than suggest what another President should do, should have done, or should not have done. Yet, we always hear rumblings, rumors, that these habits and tactics continue but via proxy wars. Read More

Friday Photos – Cohen and Max at the Hatchery

Patty and I sat and visited with a couple who retired to Forsyth, Missouri. They had visited the area on their honeymoon 62 years ago. My family has not been vacationing on Lake Taneycomo for 62 years. But we have been making the Ozark trek for nearly 50 years. Somewhere along the way we visited the hatchery where they breed and release thousands of Trout. We did not go to the hatchery every year, but when we did we looked forward to feeding the Trout at the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery at Table Rock Lake Dam.

We took an afternoon and took the grandsons, their parents, and great-grandparents. Here are a couple of shots of them in their strollers.


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