Month: May 2014

Dangers of Compartmentalized Leadership – Yes! David Fitch

I finally got around to building out another aspect of the blog here at Today marks the regular addition of an article on leadership. I have maintained the theme of my original site by designating this section, “Leading from the Edge.” Read More

What Does Africa Have to Do with Forth Worth?

Dave Miller remarked in the comment thread of a recent post at SBC Voices, “Blogging attracts the most strident voices. The SBC is never as divided as blogging.” Herding the cats, which has at times included me, at SBC Voices gives Dave a peculiar perspective. Prior to this comment, he noted that conversation had been quite good until the tone and tenor changed with the infusion of personalities, grudges, and the like. Maybe the SBC is as divided as blogging. Read More

Rwanda Is No Hotel

Ten years after the genocide in Rwanda Don Cheadle starred in the movie, Hotel Rwanda. He played the part of Paul Rusesabagina. He was the hotel owner who protected Tutsis from death at the hands of the Hutu militia.

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The Congo – No Liberty and Trouble for All

Occasionally an event exposes the failure of the Left/Right divide. When this occurs it brings the hope and possibility of destabilizing the balance required to direct our attention to human issues rather than idealogical ones. Read More

Could You Be the Next Rick Geller?

Stop! Don’t Google Rick Geller just yet. Instead think about the various people you have encountered and ask yourself, “Could I risk my gut feeling on someone making different decisions than they have in the past?” “Is it possible that in this case the past performance is not an indicator of future predictability?” Read More