Month: July 2014

A New Series: 20 for 20 Looking Back and Ahead

From last Sunday’s sermon, or at least in my notes,  . . .

No doubt their have been times when you and I have looked at one another and wondered, “When will it end?” I really hope not. But, I am a realist that it could be. And you

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When Representatives Don’t Represent or, Protect Your Children

We all suffer the personal realization that we may not represent well. Big 12 Media Days taking place in Dallas came with the the discussion of Bob Stoops and the Oklahoma Sooners taking in Dorial Green-Beckham. It is yet to be determined if he will be eligible to … Continue reading

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What Is A Christian To Do About Refugees?

My grandboys call me Doc, or PaPa Doc. The nickname may have come when Nathan and I met and began working on staff together. “Hey Doc,” would begin a sentence or question. Our girls thought that would be a cute distinction between their “Grandpas.”… Continue reading

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I Did Not Preach Yesterday . . . the Congregation Did

Sermons, these days, come in a variety of forms. Many suggest there should only be one kind. Add to that the expectation that the pastor is the one doing the preaching and one may easily see how things narrow quickly. … Continue reading

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Would Jesus Build A Wall? I Think Not Pastor Jeffress

Religion and politics do not mix well. At least that is the way it is often told. This week’s column may well test that theory.… Continue reading

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