Month: November 2014

Some Come Early – National Prematurity Day

Some who come early do not get to stay long. Generally being early means a good seat. When it comes to prematurity, an early arrival may mean not staying long, if at all.

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Plenty – Friday Photo

We have plenty of fun. For nealy 36 years we have found ways to enjoy life together. So, why not a teeter totter on Broadway?

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Bringing Back the Podcast

After a long hiatus, Thoughts from the Edge returns as a regular feature here on the blog. Consider it a reprise.  Read More

An Uneasy Agent of the State: Part 1, Prayer As Ceremony

Hello, my name is Todd. I am a professional pray-er. Once it is discovered I am a pastor, no matter the event, I become the de facto pray-er. Read More

For Those Who Need Scientific Verification . . . Relationships

Kindness and generosity matter. The question that begs a response is whether or not kindness, for instance, is an inherent trait that some possess and others do not. Or, is it a muscle that needs exercise? Read More