Month: August 2015

Homelessness as Protest or, Am I Really On the Edge?

The half-moon scar stretches from his lower to upper jaw. D found himself homeless for the first time at the age of 6. His step-father kicked him out of the house. Read More

The Value of Religion, Choosing Ignorance, and Identifying Arguments: An Interview with Greg Horton

Recently Villanova hosted an event titled, The End of Religion. Greg Horton believes the end of Religion reporting by newspapers like The Dallas Morning News and the Orlando Sentinel, represent a step backwards in getting a handle on important news, local and global. Read More

I Do It! I Do It!

Today he did it! Just more than five years ago we became grandparents. Our foray into Grandparenthood came in the form of a 2 pound 7 ounce package. Read More

Applauding Personal Success While Interested In Others Failure: An Interview with KrisAnne Swartley

For the better part of ten years we traveled I-35 between Dallas and Oklahoma City. It would be hard to underestimate the number of times we took that route that traffic was not slowed by an accident. Whether traveling north or south we often reveled in our success at not being a victim of a fender bender. But, invariably we, along with evidently every other road warrior, appeared very interested in whatever failure caused the accident in the other direction. Welcome to flawed formation. Read More