Month: July 2016

Toxic Christianity, Self-Consciousness and Messy Mercy : An Interview with Morgan Guyton

Summer cedar pollen may be toxic to your sinuses, at least here in Oklahoma. The condition is complicated by the south wind on which the pollen rides from Texas. Let’s leave the Texas jokes aside. Read More

My Post Is Up @powerintheblog: Facebook Not A Happy Medium After Recent Tragedies – 10 Tips For More Productive Conversations (Todd Littleton)

If the events of last week did not stir some emotion deep within you, then maybe you should Google #AltonSterling, #PhilandoCastile or Five Police Officers Killed in Dallas to find out what happened. Should it be news that failed to touch you, it might be better to move on and read something else.  Read More

How We Talk About Authority and Submission Matter #AltonSterling: An Interview with Geoff Holsclaw

What keeps you up at night? #AltonSterling’s death kept Geoff Holsclaw up Tuesday night. It made him mad. I imagine he is still mad this morning when he learned of #PhilandoCastle. Read More