Month: November 2017

Surviving the Bible: A Conversation with Christian Piatt

The Youth Minister gave a new meaning to, “throw the book at him.” Originally the phrase meant to charge someone with as many crimes as are possible. Consider it throwing all the law at someone. Maybe, that is in fact what happened. Rather than take his questions seriously, the Youth Minister found it easier to apply as many legalisms as possible to Young Christian. So much for grace. Read More

This Is Uz: A Conversation with Scott Curry

The idols we create become burdens too heavy to bear. Scott Curry references Walter Brueggemann on Isaiah 46 to point out the caricatures we create for God become the idols in our heads that let us down when suffering comes. Read More

The Last American Virtue: A Conversation with Greg Horton

The last sacred thing is choice–individual choice.┬áThat line in a recent Facebook Post prodded this conversation.

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Backsliding Into All Souls Day

Few weeks hold as many consecutive references to events or celebrations in the Christian Calendar. Reformation Day. All Saints Day. All Souls Day. Do you find the reference to all worth considering? Read More