Another Reason Why Words Are Important – Women, Children, Abortion and the Church

Saturday evening. Kentucky just fell to West Virginia. Butler bested Kansas State. Patty is not feeling well. I am reading through a manuscript for a friend. I needed a break. I popped over to see what my FB friends are up to and was drawn to an update that Apple giving away a free MacBook Air to its first 100,000 fans. If you are not familiar with Fan Pages on Facebook, don’t sweat it.

Drawn into the web of advertising gimmicks I played along. Once sucked into the web, I discovered it was indeed one of those subscribe to this or to that and we will send you a MacBook Air. For all of my gullibility, I am reminded words mean something. It is not until you get to the page attempting to hook you do you discover the use of Apple in the ad was simply a way to “hook” you. Apple was not giving away a laptop to its fans. Instead a group of businesses conspired with a “reward” company to give one if you will sign up for their offers. While it said 2, it is really something like 13. Words mean something.

Frustrated by my gullibility I decided to read a few articles by friends – we call them blog posts. For a history lesson on my personal gullibility on the “it’s too good to be true” front, please do not ask Patty. In my Google Reader I found a piece by Emily Hunter McGowin. If you have not read anything by Emily, you should stop and do so. She is a fantastic thinker and writer. In the piece that attracted my attention, Emily points out that words do mean something when Christians attempt to influence cultural norms.

Here is the teaser –

I think it is wrong for the Church to frame the debate about abortion in terms of the woman’s “rights” versus the child’s “rights.” It is wrong from a rhetorical perspective and an ethical perspective. Let me explain.

Inspired by reading a piece by Hauerwas, Emily writes with a great insight. Now if you read her as saying she is pro-abortion, read it again. If you read it a second time and come away with that opinion, I am not sure you can be helped. For dear friend, you are making words mean what you will. Now if that does not entice you to run over and read Emily, I am not sure I care to be more provocative. I must get back to reading this manuscript and send the report to its author.

Remember, words mean something. They often shape our understanding of the way the world works.

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  1. Emily says:

    Thanks for the props, Todd. I appreciate it. 🙂

    1. Keep writing. I will keep reading.

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