Instacanvas and iPhoneography

After years toting a Blackberry I made the Apple conversion complete last month with the purchase of the iPhone. I really liked the Blackberry. However, keeping contacts synced across my other devices resulted in too many duplicates. The young lady who helped us at the AT&T store asked, “Do you really have almost 3000 contacts?” “No,” I replied.

I worked late several evenings to delete or merge duplicate contacts. The real number is somewhere around 700. And, many of those are old contacts I need to clean up further. I could likely get the number down to about 500.

One of the features I looked forward to was the new camera on the iPhone 4s. Sometimes I would like to snap a photo without pulling out my DSLR. Unless I was planning on producing more than an image for the web or a print not bigger than a 4 X 6, I don’t need the number of megapixels associated with a DSLR. Several friends who shoot some great photos posted pics from their iPhones that made me envious. Now I can snap shots without the need for a point and shoot and can keep up the habit without having to carry my gear everyday.

My daughters pointed me to Instagram. I was hooked. Add in the new iPhoto app and there are some great options for “in the phone” adjustments. Then, I saw Adam Walker Cleveland post that his Instacanvas gallery was going to open and I checked it out. My url is reserved and now all I need is some help promoting my gallery for it too open. So, if you have the time and inclination head over and request my gallery. Get your copy of the Instagram app and create your own gallery. Maybe you will help me rack up enough points to get the gallery open sooner than later. Here is a shot I took on Saturday as we were in Norman for the Dust Bowl Arts Show.

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