What Would Thad Do?

I am no plumber. In fact, every time I think of doing something outside of my vocation, pastor, I hear Jerry's words, "It's hard on a preacher to sweat." This coming from a strapping fellow accustomed to hauling hay, cutting calves, and planting cotton. (more…)


Community Witness

Human beings look for meaning behind every event and experience. Maybe not all look for meaning, but many do. The Church continues to grapple with how to talk or describe the meaning of the death and resurrection of Jesus. That is not likely to change. (more…)


Remembering Mr. Mott or, My First Encounter With An Ask-Assertive Teacher

He should not take the blame. I am likely not the only one who took something from Larry Mott during their high school days at Northwest Classen. No, I did not take one of his pens. (more…)


The Sequel? or Living the End(ing) of Mark

What would it mean to Harry Potter fans had J.K. Rowling stopped her series at the second book? Or, how would it play out had we not had the rest of the story in the Hunger Games Triology? Or, what would we make had there been only the first installment of, The Lord of the Rings? (more…)


METALHEAD: Grief and the Birth of God

Grief paralyzes. Its eerie tentacles reach deep to grab the voice. Silence is Grief’s agent, Anger its expression, and Fear is its fuel. (more…)

Daddys and Daugthers …

John Mayer gets Daddy-Daughter relationships. His song "Daughters" has been a favorite of mine since I first heard it played. Tommie reminded us prom is just more than a week away. Graduation draws ever closer. I read Kathleen Parker’s op-ed piece in the Oklahoman on March 1 titled, "Calling dads: Save the girls." (In the…Read More

Jack Bauer and Political Theology …

Jerome Eric Copulsky, Assistant Professor and Director of Judaic Studies at Virginia Tech, submitted an article to "Sightings", published by the Martin Marty Center at the University of Chicago Divinity School, titled, "King of Pain: The Political Theologies of "24."" At issue is the moral conundrums Bauer faces. His decisions often place him outside of…Read More

Those were the days …

Last evening local CBS affiliates aired, "Life Together Centennial Celebration." I have it recorded to watch this evening. We were downtown feeding the homeless in OKC. I received a reminder with the following ending paragraph, Oklahoma Baptist history began when one Native American, two Caucasians and three African Americans founded the first Baptist church near…Read More

Breath … could there be something to pausing before reacting? …

Parents of teenagers will readily identify with, "But it really is a mood swing where things seem fine and calm, and then the next thing is someone’s crying or angry," she added. "And I think that’s why people have used the term ‘raging hormones.’" A couple of weeks ago Reuters reported, "Hormone paradox may help…Read More

You know you are old when …

Sunday afternoon my left ankle hurt. Me: Patty my ankle sure does hurt. Patty: What did you do? Me: Nothing that I can recall. I have not played basketball in a couple of weeks so I know it is not from twisting it. I really cannot think of what I might have done. Patty: You…Read More

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