Father Time, Spurgeon, and Life or, Another Way to View Life and the Future

Monday¬†on one of our local sports talk radio stations, The Sports Animal, a guest remarked, "Father Time is undefeated." Pundits often talk about the future of older athletes once a given season ends. Payton Manning served as the illustration for the talk show guest. How an athlete leaves his or her sport depends. (more…)


Selma and the History Debate or, Life Is Rarely, If Ever, Univocal

When I told John he should go see Selma he followed his intentions to do so with, "What do you think about the controversy about misrepresenting President Lyndon B. Johnson in the film?" (more…)


More Than Jeremaids or, John On the Edge

Cataloging your list of woes is not the same as doing something about a problem. Sometimes it seems Christians spend more time complaing about things as they are rather than taking an action to influence the world as it should become. (more…)


Common In/Equality In Selma or, A Seat at the Diner But No Burger

All human beings may be created equal. Not all people experience equality. Selma reminds us that our not too distant past is littered with dubious illustrations of this common reality. (more…)


Number . . . Happy Birthday Patty

I did it. I bought a gallon of stuff peddled by a traveling sales person. Miracle cleaner I tell you. At least when the fellow demonstrated it to me it worked. That was some twenty-five years ago. (more…)

Seeing the world in a new way …

How we see the world matters. Apologists point up the competing "worldviews" in an effort to both educate people "in the church" and reason with those "outside the church." A person may register for an academy to help them live out of a "biblical worldview." Whose "biblical worldview" do we utilize? Will we look below…Read More

The curse of pursuing individuality … avoiding formative relationships …

A retiring school Superintendent once told me, "You cannot overcome heredity and environment." He expressed frustration in attempting to work with young people whose parents and social context distracted them from learning. How could educators expect to impact students who spend more time in adverse conditions? Countless parents asserted the teachers failed their children when…Read More

Take His place … An Ash Wednesday Reflection …

A church I pastored some years ago thought I came to fill the shoes of the previous pastor. In an awkward moment the church gathered around our family for prayer. One person, who either represented what Marshall Shelley would have termed a "well-intentioned dragon" or my own perception of an "ill-intentioned ner’ do well", prayed…Read More

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