Another milestone becoming …

Tommie, Your name fits! We recall the stories of teachers who scratched their heads learning "Tommie" was a girl. Even recently one of our relatives listed your dad as having a "son." Can’t be too close to us if they did not know you were our second daughter. The response is nothing new for you.… Read More

Listening Past Each Other … Keeps us Talking Past Each Other … When Talking Heads Get in the Way …

Reading over at the BHT led me to this article in The Christian Century by Richard Mouw, President of Fuller Theological Seminary. Quite a conversation broke out after the posting of the link to this piece. For some time I have been convinced we do not hear what it said in many controversial conversations. For… Read More

Not for Sale … Where is Wilberforce When You Need Him? …

We sat captured by their voices. In what was surely and all Anglo "congregation" we were stirred by the young boys from Zambia. Imagine my disbelief thinking we supported the global slave trade a number of years ago right here in Oklahoma! Yes, David Batstone gave details of the sordid story in Not for Sale.… Read More

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