The Road Between Death and Life – Photo Meditation

A young familiar face greeted me when I opened up Facebook this morning. He will never be an old friend. Cameron did not live long enough. (more…)


An Uneasy Agent of the State – Epilogue, The Loss of the Prophetic

A friend recently wondered, "Is it possible to be a religious conservative and a social liberal?" The comments varied. Some considered it a hypocritical position. Others described it as, "honest." (more…)


An Uneasy Agent of the State: Part 3, Pastor as Prophet (Continued)

Where would we be had we taken seriously the reality that marriage as practiced is indeed a civil union? The purview of the State would be clearer and the role of the Christian community would be evident. (more…)


Jesus and World Hunger – A Different Perspective

My friend Guy made the jump. He had dabbled with a Vegan diet before. Now, he is all in. Then, he issued a challenge, "Awaiting responses from my friends who are Jesus people, technically speaking." (more…)


An Uneasy Agent of the State: Part 3 – Pastor as Prophet

“You can’t be Christian and support torture,” writes Brian Zhand. And, you can’t pastor if unwilling to be prophetic. Despite the continued effort to make chaplains of pastors, there comes a time when one must wake from slumber. (more…)

Starbury and the Midpoint of the Season …

Yesterday’s edition of the USA Today offered an update on Stephon Marbury’s shoe project. Not only did the New York Nicks guard lace up his signature sneaker, the Starbury One, which sells for $14.98, in the first 48 games he played, he debuted his latest pair – the Starbury Team – Tuesday night against the…Read More

Because … What memories this piece resurrected …

On the way home from a funeral today Nathan and I stopped for lunch. Today’s USA Today sat nearby. I picked it up and found Craig Wilson’s piece, The Final Word uproarious if for nothing else the memories flooding my mind. How about this for a teaser, Even I knew not to ask a follow-up…Read More

Ratifying beliefs … Confronted by Jesus …

Achievers face the tyranny of accomplishment. Precision and speed often mean missing the impact of content. Dr. Pretlove may have hinted at this with me when he told me, "Some people go to church just so they can go home again." Failure to engage the content of a worthy project renders accomplishment meaningless. Going to…Read More

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