Performing Contradictions

Rarely a day goes by where a post on social media characterizes the only available actions to thwart ISIS is to bomb them off the planet. Christians re-post this with regularity. It is performing a contradiction. (more…)


Christian from the Margins

Everybody wants to be at the center. Except for a few. (more…)


Doing Without In A Culture of More or, A Mashup of Sacks, Micheli, Kriz, and Rohr

We train our children early how to expect more. Later we prod them to temper their appetites and do with less. Unlearning what it feels like to have more poses more of a difficulty than we realize. The same is true when after establishing habits of more we hear Jesus' call for less. (more…)


Cancer and Tamed Cynic or, Jason Goes On the Offensive

I don't know if he has a face for radio, but he has a voice for preaching. It was the voice I heard on a podcast some time back that caught my attention. His words did not hurt either. But it was the voice. (more…)


What Is In Your Brown Package or, Tuttle’s Gee Spot

Gee as in “Gee Whiz.” Or, “Gee I never knew.” Maybe, “Gee Willikers, Look what came in the mail!” (more…)

Worldliness, holiness and a sound engineer turned cultural architect …

Imagine landing in flyover country. Perusing the clothing options at Shepler’s left my friend Barry only too happy his luggage arrived safely. He noted on his blog, "Took a walk to acquaint myself with the area and found nothing but hotels and Shipleys [Shepler’s] Western Wear, the "world’s largest cowboy retailers"–surprisingly, I found nothing in…Read More

Cordiality, Destinations and the pastoral pitfalls …

My mentor once quipped, "You are too nice." His reference did not imply the need to learn how to be "mean." Too often we assume the wrong opposite. Certainly context helps determine what may be meant. Hauerwas and Willimon refer to the same condition my mentor noted as "cordiality." Reduced to simply helping people, they…Read More

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