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Find more interview podcasts here. You may also find some older podcasts that cover a range of topics. These podcasts include those that formed the original Audio from the Edge.

Swallowing Death – Thoughts from the Edge

Following Jesus into the world carrying the Good News would include declaring that death has been swallowed up in the death and resurrection of Jesus. The Scriptures for this...

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On the Way – Thoughts from the Edge

Where are you on the way to? Mark 10 offers a couple of contrasting events and conversations in the journey narrative of Jesus. James and John are on the...

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Theoblogging Mashup – Philip Clayton and Harve Cox

Cross-pollination. Intersections. Peanut butter and chocolate. Theology and Science. Faith and Culture. Right and Left. Clayton and Cox. Here at The Edge of the Inside we never shy away...

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Thoughts from the Edge – The Depth of the Desolate

Words pregnant with implication in Scripure often are often flattened. Growing up I often heard Mark 1 referenced as a prescription for a “Quiet Time.” Some modern tranlsations aided...

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Just In Time … Thoughts from The Edge

A number stories in the Scriptures reveal a “just in the nick of time” feature. One of the texts for this coming Sunday may be characterized by the idiom,...

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Thoughts from the Edge – (Not) Silent Night

We present a multi-media Christmas presentation Sunday morning, December 14. The development of this original presentation inspired the “Thoughts from the Edge” piece for this week. Enjoy. Related posts:...

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Road Building – Thoughts from the Edge

Thinking about John, the “forerunner” to Jesus left me thinking about “road building.” Preparing the way for Jesus brings great opportunity as well as requiring a bit of work....

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Thoughts from the Edge – Getting the Question Right

The question is not “Who is my neighbor or who is the the least of these?” What is the question? Related posts: Thoughts from the Edge … Clean Hands...

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Public Holiness in a Personal World

Related posts: Self Thought – Thoughts from The Edge Owing Love – Thoughts from The Edge Thoughts from the Edge … Clean Hands and Crumbs Entitled Opinions – Thoughts...

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Learning Relationships … Thoughts from the Edge

Related posts: Listening and relational learning “With My Money I Have a Voice.” Barcelona from the Street Diversity in the Church … Bragging on My Brother Formation through serving...

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