The Value of Religion, Choosing Ignorance, and Identifying Arguments: An Interview with Greg Horton

Recently Villanova hosted an event titled, The End of Religion. Greg Horton believes the end of Religion reporting by newspapers like The Dallas Morning News and the Orlando Sentinel, represent a step backwards in getting a handle on important news, local and global. Read More

Jordon Cooper’s New Gig

Here is an illustration of living into your passion, your vocation, before settling for a job.

During those times, I took some time to think about what I wanted to do and I read some good advice that said, don’t look for a job but rather look for an organization that you want to be a part of.

In talking more and more with Tyler, I realized that rejuvenating buildings and finding people quality housing is something that I care a lot about.  There is also the excitement of being part of was is essentially a start up..  His values of affordability and heritage appeal to me.

I met Jordon and Wendy in a hotel lobby in Minneapolis more than ten years ago. That is how someone from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan meets someone from Tuttle, Oklahoma. We spent time together in Nassau six years ago. He is an inspiration.

Read about his new gig here. Then, follow his journey by keeping up with his blog.

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Review: The End of Evangelicalism – Guest Post by Dr. Rick Davis

Dr. Rick Davis is Pastor of Brock Baptist Church, Brock Texas. He is also my mentor and friend. He agreed to review David Fitch’s The End of Evangelicalism for Viralblogger project. Due to the length of the review, I am posting the piece here and linking to this review at You may comment here. But, you could contribute to a wider conversation at where the book will be reviewed by an “esteemed” group of selected bloggers.


A Review and Critical Commentary by Rick Davis

If we accept Wallace Roark’s tenet that “to be a good thinker, one must first be a good person,” we can start a critical review of Fitch’s End of Evangeliicalism with the assertion that Fitch is a good thinker because he is a transparently good person. He remembers his childhood church with mature clarity, able to relive the oxymoronic occurrences of American Folk Religion with humorous skepticism, absent the galling cynicism evangelical Christians have come to dread. Read More

Spiritual Photography – Monotation

Last summer at Summit Youth Camp in Talahina I led a small group to consider the use of photography in their Christian spiritual journal writing. The Psalms paint compelling images with Hebrew poetry. Creation paints the story in images requiring a thousand words. Reading Psalm 19 would prompt anyone interested in photography to grab up the camera and wait. The students found a variety of ways to express how they had been interacting with the Scriptures as they crafted their journals.

The idea was not original with me. My friend Spencer Burke talked about these kinds of thing in our conversations over the years. One year at Glorieta a group of us attempted to capture Christian spiritual themes with our cameras as we walked that beautiful campus in New Mexico. Spencer had taught photography at Biola University and has quite the portfolio himself.

Recently, Spencer launched “Monotation.” As an avenue to engage a number of creatives along the journey Spencer offers,

My desire is to encourage people to take a moment each day to reflect, center and meditate – using a simple image with one word to evoke understanding, love, self-refection, creativity, celebration, integration…

Subscribe to Monotation in your RSS reader for a regular photograph from Spencer’s journey through life. You may find yourself spurred to reflect on the goodness of God in the themes and images provided.