â??Ã?úDo you see the vision, Todd?â??Ã?ù â??Ã?¶ Golden â??Ã?¶

The conversation twisted and turned; a mix of information and passion. â??Ã?úOne million AIDS orphans in the Valley of a Thousand Hills in Kwa-Zulu Natal.â??Ã?ù â??Ã?úWe can change the world, Todd!â??Ã?ù â??Ã?úKwa-Zulu Natal is the epicenter of the AIDS pandemic.â??Ã?ù â??Ã?úWe hold the hope for these people in the palm of our hands!â??Ã?ù

Thursday afternoon Heather and Patrick Reynolds arrived at the â??Ã?úbeach shack.â??Ã?ù The â??Ã?úbeach shackâ??Ã?ù is Spencerâ??Ã?ôs affectionate name for the home he shares with his wife Lisa and children Alden and Grace; just a few blocks from the ocean in Newport Beach, CA. Lisa worked on a wonderful dinner while I sat and listened to Heather talk about life and serving in South Africa.

I first heard Heather, who founded “God’s Golden Acre” (and the new website), at Soularize in Minneapolis a few years ago. She spoke Thursday as she did then. Convinced Christians possess the resources to not only affect change but to bring about systemic revolution to lives racked by AIDS, Heather challenged us to think beyond food. Her dreams remain today.

After dinner and more about life in South Africa, Heather looked at me and in her South African accent asked candidly, â??Ã?úDo you see the vision, Todd?â??Ã?ù At Snow Hill we continue to move our thinking in ways we may be a blessing to the world by living out the gospel of Jesus. Future opportunities to partner with Heather and Godâ??Ã?ôs Golden Acre will push us further into our understanding of the mission of God. Yes, Heather, I see the vision. Thank you for sharing with me the dreams of God to bless a wounded people.

Stay tuned. We may have the opportunity to host Heather later this fall and in the summer of 2007 to assist the work at Godâ??Ã?ôs Golden Acre by hosting the Zulu Warriors.

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