Month: May 2009

Breath, Spirit, Life – Thoughts from the Edge

Pentecost Sunday will be observed by many Christian congregations around the world. Here are some thoughts on two of the texts for this coming Sunday. In a world full of words sometimes we are speechless and it is the breath of God, the Spirit of God that gives life to our senses.

CPM’s, Church Planting Degree, Biblical Seminary

Intersecting praxis and theory. Recent trends point up the value and need for Church Planting Movements. Ed Stetzer regularly talks about the subject. Often young adults who would like to plant a church and pursue theological education must make a difficult decision. Delay the impulse to plant a church and go to seminary or delay the desire for theological education and quash the passion to plant?

Biblical Seminary is now offering an MA in Missional Church Planting. This unique degree offers students an opportunity to find a partner in the planting project. The curriculum will be facilitated by thought leaders and practitioners involved in church planting – movements, coaches, planters, etc. The registration for the first course is open through June 8. Also, if you would like to audit courses the option is available. Why not get in on this new opportunity to learn while doing?

Click through to hear Mick Noel talk about the degree.

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Nancy Steps Out of Retirement – Offers a (Not so much) Apology

Sometimes people use the phrase “insider baseball” to refer conversations requiring a special context. However, some may be able to appreciate Nancy’s “coming out of retirement” post at SBC TooDazed. Whether or not you knew anything about the weekend events on a couple of SBC blogs, you likely do know about “non-apologies.” In the spirit of laughing at ourselves when we fail to get it right the first time, I give you Nancy’s latest.

N.T. Wright on Chalke and Atonement

I shared a conversation with N.T. Wright a couple of years ago. We talked about this matter then. I am glad to see this clarification. Some will still not be satisfied. But, some will have to find another whipping post when it comes to Chalke and the atonement.

(HT: Bob Robinson)

Loving Others, Loving God – Some of Us

After attending his “home” church, Brian wrote this song. Really enjoyed the lyrics.