Month: May 2009

Cultural Captivity – (Not) Seeing Our Own

Thinking through the implications of Peter Rollins‘ little book, The Orthodox Heretic, left me considering the ways we often miss our own “logs” when looking for others’ “specks.” There needs to be a greater intersection between our lives and the life of Jesus evidenced in our living more Continue reading

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When It Is (The) Orthodox to Be a Heretic – Forgiveness

orthodoxhereticWe live by transactions. Buying goods or selling services, we live by transactions. It is the nature of a consumer economy. Too often the economic structures influence our understanding of the way the world works – and to our detriment.

I would love to give a prolonged review of … Continue reading

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Stanley Fish Reviewing and Defending

Tony Jones has pointed to a post by Stanley Fish and a follow-up by the same. The irony for some will be that Tony is pointing to Fish as Fish critics the left. I write that because it is summarily believed that Tony is a “liberal” despite the … Continue reading

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Tenba Shootout – Gift from Patty

Charlie bought a Tenba Shootout Camera bag several months ago. Initially I thought, “What a big camera bag!” My small camera bag would not hold any new lenses much less my laptop if I were out shooting on the road. Patty ordered one for my birthday and it arrived … Continue reading

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