Month: August 2013

A Letter From Fred

Kimberly sent along the following video link. Maybe she was thinking about the occasion for our trip. Whatever she was thinking, it is worth your time to watch.


And, get some tissue.

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Life Is Better With You

Continuing a theme here.

We, Patty and me, planned a few events this year to commemorate the life we have shared. We will celebrate with cooler temperatures. Higher elevations. Scenic vistas. And, of course, we will do so together.

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I Got You

Posting has been sparse. It may be more so until after Labor Day. Sometimes you just need a break . . . and with your best friend.

So here is to what is important.

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The Oracle On the Surveillance State or, Why Was Ed Stetzer Not Crying In the Wilderness Before Now?

“Repent for not saying a word!”

Well, here is what Ed Stetzer really said,

Either way, part of the role of Christians in any society is speaking up against wrongs committed by their government– and to be wise to discern the potential for such wrongs. We have a

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Life Begins with the Feelings of the Parent?

Indefensible logic supports many an argument. My mentor noted a few years ago his Seminary education, even is college experience, would have been better had it included a good dose of logic. I agree. My friend Greg Horton helps Freshmen and Sophomore college students think through their arguments in … Continue reading

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