Ascol posts, a battle ensues and IMonk (a.k.a. Michael Spencer) talks of contentions …

Last week Tom Ascol posted asking “What kind of person would make a good president of the SBC?” In the process a battle of sorts took place in the comment section. I do not recall ever seeing a blog post with nearly 300 comments (by the time you read this, there could be more though the commenting has slowed considerably at this writing). In many ways you might say a 16th Century debate came forward into the 21st Century. I am personally wondering how to articulate the difference between “Reforming Faith” (which seems to be the Reformation call – “always reforming”) and a “Reformed Faith.” (The rediscovery of a 16th Century expression of faith deeply contextual to that era brought forward with impunity into the present as though the Gospel of God had been hidden for 15 centuries.) I realize that last sentence and its accompanying parentheticals may bring both confusion to the reader and/or the charge of not understanding about that which I type.

IMonk (a.k.a. Michael Spencer) offers some thoughtful reflections in a series titled, “The Caner Contention.” He continues with – The Caner Contention II: Yes, There is a Problem, The Caner Contention III: Physician … Heal Thyself, The Caner Contention IV: The Future of a Missional Evangelicalism.

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