“Better than I deserve.” … “Bro. C”

Our youngest begins her "senior" year tomorrow. (Enough with the "old" jokes.) A few weeks ago she recieved a copy of her schedule. She realized she would need to make some changes.  She met with the school counselor and made the necessary changes. In the envelope with her schedule came a copy of the "master" schedule. This reminded me of those days of picking classes and teachers.

I recall countless fellow students looking to find a way to include "Bible History" in their schedules. That’s right, "Bible History." Look out, the ACLU will come calling soon. Someone will file suit to have it dropped. No worry. I do not think it is offered any longer. But, in the day, we wanted to take Wayne Carpenter, "Brother C" to us.

"Bro. C" enthralled his classes with such story telling skill everyone loved him. He would attempt to include current idioms and even threw in a reference or two to local "championship wrestling" figures who used to wrestle at the National Guard Armory. I especially recall him telling the story in the book of Judges about Eglon and Ehud. His Louisana accent made the telling of the story excpetionally entertaining. He really did teach in such a way to communicate and not draw the ire of parents who might not feel real good about a Baptist preacher teaching "Bible History" in a public shcool.

Today we celebrated the life of "Bro. C." His son Mark paid a great tribute to his father. Mark works fo DHS assisting children in finding foster homes. He told of our glad he was to have a "Dad" who was there for him. His job exposes him to many situations where Fathers are absent and he reflected on just how the valuae of his relationship with his dad. It was moving.

We were blessed to share life with "Bro. C." He would always respond when asked how he was, "Better than I deserve." Knowing him gave us the feeling it was better than we deserved.

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