Books, Books, Books

Recent additions will keep me busy for some time to come.

Chasing Francis a Pilgrim’s Tale Intriguing story of “pilgrimage.”

I Sold My Soul On eBay: Viewing Faith Through an Atheist’s Eyes I met Jim Henderson a few years ago and when I heard about Hement’s story, the “Introduction” grabbed me as if to say, “Will we listen?”

Jim and Casper Go to Church: Frank Conversations about Faith, Churches, and Well-Meaning Christians More from Jim Henderson.

Constants inn Context: A Theology of Mission for Today I recently enjoyed some time with John Franke. He not only mentioned this book but suggested reading a number of missiological texts.

More Than a Name: Preserving Our Baptist Identity I remember Stan before he was Dr. Norman. We shared a fun time during one of my many BWA trips. Quite interesting conversations about Baptist “distinctives.” Hot topic today for we who are still “Baptist.”

The Forgotten Ways: Reactivating the Missional Church I hope to meet Alan soon. Lance at Shapevine works with Alan and offers a course with Alan based on this “missiological” text from an Aussie. Will be working with Lance and Alan on the this course to be taught through Biblical Seminary.

unChristian: What a New Generation Thinks about Christianity and Why It Matters I have a few friends who consider themselves, “post-Christian.” While this is my term for some of our conversations, it really means a move beyond our expressions of “Christian.” In other words, the rejection is not of Jesus but a form of Christianity that seems to deny Jesus.

Personal Knowledge: Towards a Post-Critical Philosophy David has done it to me again. He is working on his D.Min. with George Fox under Len Sweet. He noted Len requires this book to be read of his students. I have David’s reading list for this semester and either I will not get much sleep following his reading schedule or I will wait on his written reviews.

This does not account for quite a few others already in the batter’s box – Proper Confidence, Whose Religion Is Christianity?, James Baldwin’s Essays, and literally a stack of others.

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