Old Medicine – Friday Photo

Despite the threat of three active volcanos, life is quite vibrant in Antigua, Guatemala. But, the remnants of older buildings serve as a constant reminder, even with the puffs of smoke rising from the surrounding mountains.… Continue reading

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Deeper Than Healing the Wounds

Our recent trip to Guatemala exposed us to another group of small coffee growers that suffer a system that disadvantages their work and advantages those with a network to bring the beans to market. In other words, while our price for coffee rises, the net income for those who … Continue reading

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Winds of Change

The wind shifted out of the north. We know the State Fair starts tomorrow. Around these parts that means an increased possibility of Fall weather – colder with some rain.… Continue reading

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Spying Jokers – Friday Photo

Early mornings we often spy a rabbit exploring the yard. Last week we found her coming closer to the house investigating one of our flower beds. I grabbed the camera and hoped to get a shot. Quietly I peered around a corner and was able to snap this one. … Continue reading

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Mississippi Kite’s Eye – Friday Photo

“You need to bring your long lens over and get a photo of the kite.”

Every year a pair of Mississippi Kites nest in Bob and Eloise’s backyard. Each year they choose a different tree. This year the pair chose a very tall Loblolly Pine.

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