Some Interesting Huffington Post Reads

Here are three posts I found compelling over the past week while taking a break from writing here. What are your thoughts? And please, let’s discuss the content of the article and not our opinions about the authors.

The Debacle that is the movie version of The Hobbit

The Bible Is Man-Made: Why Patriarchy Still Reigns

Where Was God In Newtown

If you are new here, I often point to challenging pieces related to life and faith as they often challenge my own assumptions. Links are not endorsements, though I may agree with all or part of pieces to which I point. Discussion is intended to get beneath our knee-jerk responses to either a title or a given author.

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Weekly Wrap – Maybe You Missed These Posts

Today we shared some time with quite a few with the Littleton side of our family. Not everyone was able to attend. But, it was good to see faces we do not always see. Sometimes these posts go live at inconvenient times to your reading schedule. I am grateful for those who read them when they publish. But, I am also glad for those who catch up with the Weekly Wrap feature. If you have some thoughts in response to what you read, leave a comment.

The Challenge and Promise of Advent – “Advent calls into question things as they are and draws from us the expectation of the impossible.”

The Word(s) That Change(s) the World – “Jesus calls into question our need for oppositional postures.”

How toHelp, Really Help, at Christmas – “Too often people who have never been in the circumstances people needing help face do not think about what really helps.”

Christians’ War on Christmas, Another Advent Reflection – “Every time we post a complaint on Facebook and Twitter that some event or business faced pressure because of its colors – green and red – or for a reference to Christmas, I want to ask, “And what are you doing to bring about Merry Christmas?””

Juxtaposition – Friday Photo 


Weekly Wrap – Maybe You Missed These Posts

The weather here in flyover Country belies that it is December 1. Several churches in our area will join together to provide food to about 400 families this morning. Cooperation where we are often perceived as competing. Thanks to Ridgecrest Baptist Church, and Pastor David Rivers, for the invitation.

Not of This World – For Christ the King Sunday – “Attention has turned to Christmas. We have yet to reach Advent. The disjointed feeling may stem from just how much we need to recognize Jesus’ Kingdom is not of this world. Maybe, that we should let Jesus deconstruct our visions of kingdom.”

The HCSB Study Bible, Holman Christian Standard Bible – God’s Word for Life, A Brief Review – “The HCSB Study Bible, or as Ed Stetzer describes it, The Hard Core Southern Baptist Bible, Read More

Weekly Wrap – Maybe You Missed These Posts

I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving and a short week. OU and OSU are tied at half time. Hoping Paul and Tom Littleton help spur the Crimson and Cream onto victory while at the game.

Maybe your schedule kept you from taking a look at these posts.

Choose Your Attack Ads Wisely – “Bono would like to see an attack ad on poverty.”

What You Aren’t, Maybe You Are – “I listened to a recent episode ofBusted Stuff with Trip Hudgins. He wonders if our penchant to say, “I’m not . . .,” doesn’t disclose more about us than we think. Put another way, we tend to create an empty space by pronouncing what we are not only to find in that created space what we are. And, maybe we learn what that is as we realize God is filling that very space.”

Thumping Me With Your Bible – “Today it seems more important to take Jesus’ conversation with Pilate as timely for a postmodern culture. Explications of “What is truth?” seem to miss Jesus who twice notes that his Kingdom is not of this world – does not come in the same way and does not look the same when it does. We tend to go all epistemological when Jesus goes eschatological.”

Buy Nothing Day – “At the end of the video there are some options for doing something different, even more constructive for Jesus-y people.”

Two for Whom I Am Thankful – “There are any number of people for whom I am thankful today. It is hard to narrow it down. But I am sure you will understand why I have chosen as I have.”

Reaching Reds – Friday Photo

Weekly Wrap – Maybe You Missed These Posts

Nursing some soreness after Round 2 of Shockwave Lithotripsy. While the doctor did not mention how it might feel, my friend Charlie told me I might feel like I am passing a stone from time to time. Patty put it in perspective. “You had a lot of stones in there.”

Hope you enjoy your Saturday.

Join the Protest, “Christ Is Risen” – “Not a bad post election thought for weary pilgrims.”

Reflections from Sunday – Jesus Critiques the Church Cultus? – “My lingering question, “What sort of thinking would Jesus critique in the Church Cult?” And, by cult I do not mean in the sense of heresy or heterodoxy. Instead I mean cultus, community. Surely there are ways in which the Church today allies with the systems and structures that betray Jesus’ words that his Kingdom is not from this world, does not conform to the patterns of this world.”

Church As Elixir – “If the Church manifests in its body the manner and way of Jesus, then maybe we still have the opportunity to change the base substance of our world. Instead of choosing an option that, from the outside, looks as much like the fear everyone faces; we could offer a substantive hope in the Name of Jesus. Read More