Clippings No. 3

Clippings from around the Interwebs.

The Bible

Scot McKnight hopes the SBC will reverse its recent resolution against the NIV. He writes,

I’ve been using the NIV 2011 and I really like it and I endorse it enthusiastically. It’s now my preaching Bible. I cannot think of a

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Clippings – No. 2

Clippings from around the Interwebs.


Perriman responds to James K.A. Smith who contends,

I also think this state of the field is a by-product of the fact that many up-and-coming theologians right now are not what we used to call “churchmen” in any strong sense (“churchwomen” included):

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“Clippings” – A New Addition to The Edge of the Inside

“Clippings” is the new regular feature here at The Edge of the Inside. I am glad for “clipping” programs that allow you to clip a link for reading later. Some of these pieces become the nexus for future posts. Others say something I would like to have said and … Continue reading

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