The Good Man or, What Makes a Man Good?

“Why do you call me good?” – Jesus

If Jesus refused the adjective good, what makes good the measure of a person’s value today?… Continue reading

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Marvel(ing) Over The Amazing Spider-Man 2

My favorite Marvel Comic character growing up in the 1960’s and 70’s was Spiderman. Spiderman came to Marvel in 1962, just one year before I was born. What it would be to have all those old vintage comic books. I could make Comic Con with the crew from Big … Continue reading

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Join the Protest, “Christ Is Risen”

Maybe we need more mantras. Mark Van Steenwyk suggests repeated phrases become protests. His son prompted him to consider, “Christ Is Risen,” as a protest mantra to the powers that you continue what is broken but Jesus points to something new. Not a bad post-election thought for election weary … Continue reading

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Letting Go of Heroes or, Why Is That Note In My Study Bible?

What do you do with stories that call your hero into question? I have not seen The Dark Night Rises, but when last we left Batman in The Dark Night, his light had been broken and his image tarnished. Dejected he rode off into the darkness pursued … Continue reading

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