Food and Drink

Comfort food … Providence or Coincidence …

My wife rarely gets sick. Sure she comes down with the occasional sore throat  due to allergies. Her asthma can get the best of her from time to time. But stomach virus complete with vo …. You get the picture. I don’t need to spell it out. Monday evening … Continue reading

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Road Trip … Day 2 …

BarnesnobleOur second day began with a "Continental Breakfast" at the hotel. We then mapped out our day and thought it good to stop by Barnes & Noble on the Northwest Highway at Central Expressway. I admitted in the previous post on our "Road Trip" to being a bibliophile. This … Continue reading

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Road Trip … Day 1 …

I35ok"On the road again." When Patty and I moved to Dallas in 1985 we often made the trip north on I-35 to OKC. Christmas. Thanksgiving. Birthdays. Special Events. Funerals. Regular were our trips. We often sang that line from an old Willie Nelson song, "On the road again, just … Continue reading

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