New Project for Life – Remembering Ashkelon

We met the Garner’s almost three years ago. We sat in the NICU at OU Medical. Kam and Cohen both were born premature. After about four weeks you feel like family. Not everyone who waited there shares our story. The obstacles to many born early are insurmountable. But, we … Continue reading

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Religion and The New Materialism or, Can I Get a Material Witness?

Religion (always) falls on hard times. No matter how one attempts to rehab religion, and the notion that things need to tie well together, plenty of anecdotal stories emerge that point to how religion may be responsible for how things fall apart. The old materialist critique, and its … Continue reading

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Bono’s TED Talk and Guatemala

It has been a quiet week here. Call it internal debriefing. One week in Guatemala will do that to you. That is, if you happen to notice the inescapable. While I continue cogitating on the systems in place, the resiliency of people, the heart of local pastors, and the … Continue reading

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Qualify Your Biblical or, Chris Tilling Says “No More” to Unspecified Meaning

In my tribe, biblical nearly always refers to a way of reading and interpreting the Bible as the correct way, the Christian way. Ferreting out potential heterodoxy or slippery slopes that lead to heresy rest on the often indeterminate unbiblical, the un-Christian way. He or she who follows … Continue reading

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Orcas and Great White Sharks

My friend Jordon Cooper pointed to this video with the question, “Who do you think would win?”

I could not help but think of the Naturalist we listened to talk about Orcas while on an Alaska Cruise a few years ago. This was too fascinating not to pass along.… Continue reading

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