Monday Comedic Relief – Jacob Williams

My mind is awash in reflections from the recent Southern Baptist Convention Annual meeting in New Orleans. I am looking at a series titled, Ruled Out of Order. I aim to take several posts and reflect on how I interpret the inaction of the SBC on the Richard … Continue reading

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Art, the Image of God, and Bill Mallonee

A couple of weeks ago I helped remember a gentleman in our church. He was quite the musician. His son remembered calling his Dad’s house to see how he and his Mom were doing and he could hardly hear of the Bluegrass being played in the background.

One of … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – In Wichita Plus Gary Jules

Wichita. There are several older church buildings in Wichita, KS. This photo was taken on a Saturday afternoon in September. A vacant parking lot across the street provided a good place to capture this shot for its architecture.

I noticed a few people on the steps and in the … Continue reading

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Who Are We?

If you have not clicked on and viewed this week’s “Weekly Video,” consider taking the less than five minutes to do so. One of my current favorite authors is dubbed into the video from a talk he gave. In our highly socialized, Facebook, world, he really asks us to … Continue reading

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