“Hold Me Momma!” – Weekly Video

Cohen will “officially” be one week old just before 7:00 p.m. this evening. Mom used to always remind us that though our birthdate may be, in my case May 10, we the full 365-24-hour-days had not yet passed. I am certain it was a way to tease us. After … Continue reading

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Cohen Alan Day 4 – Blue Lights Shining On Me Video

Brad snapped the now video crazy grandpa last night. The lighting in the room after dark creates quite the backdrop for photos and video. For a couple of days I have had “Blue Skies” running through my head. (You can see my first blue post here.)

When Sinatra … Continue reading

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Cohen Alan Day 2

I enjoy roller coasters at amusement parks. When it comes to the prognosis for our new grandson, I prefer level ground. Today they discovered fluid had developed around Cohen’s heart. Late this afternoon they removed 20 ccs from his little body. We are hoping the cause for this is … Continue reading

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Reverse Mentoring? What about Reverse Learning? Adora Thinks So

Brad sent me a link to this TED video. Once you get past the reality Adora is 12 years old, you will still be enamored with her grasp of what it would mean to learn from each other. What do you think?

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Addicted to Violence – Contra Jesus’ and Reconciliation

I recently read a Tweet by Michael Carpenter. He doesn’t get UFC. Me either. I grew up watching Joe Frazier. The “Thrilla in Manila” was a fight to remember. Over time though I really fail to see how such pugilistic pummeling can be celebrated by people who understand … Continue reading

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