What’s In A Name?

My friend Charlie pointed me to a series of videos. Words mean something. What does the title Christian mean to you? I recently noted that my friend Lance Ford is referring to himself as a Jesusian. Now that may be a bit too cheesy but his point is similar … Continue reading

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The Artist Portal – Todd Hunter via TWOP

I am finishing up N.T. Wright’s The Challenge of Jesus. His work studying second-Temple Judaism and the Apostle Paul considers history helpful and informative when seeking to understand what is meant by such shorthand phrases as “Kingdom of God” and “Messiah.” Most of the time we infuse these … Continue reading

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Hauerwas on Liturgy from TWOP

There has been little time this week to offer something on the website here. I found this helpful from The Work of the People. Hauerwas gives his thoughts on worship, liturgy and the church growth movement.

I hope to have the Friday photo up tomorrow and may still … Continue reading

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What’s Your Story?

Recently youth from Snow Hill produced a short video around the theme of their recent Justice Now. “What’s Your Story?” provided the framework to think about their story as it relates to the story of God. Even more, youth learned to consider others’ stories and how the story of … Continue reading

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We Prefer Right Over Compassion

Karen Armstrong offers thoughts combined with critique. Reviving a spirit where the “other” de-centers us from our own dogmatic center expressed by the “Golden Rule” is central to Armstrong’s thoughts. Believing and action cannot be separated.

httpv://… Continue reading

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