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I Am Voting “Yes” – Tuttle Library Question

Voting is now done by secret ballot. Only if a person declares their own action publicly will anyone know how a vote is cast. Today, I am voting for the Tuttle Library. The advantages to our community with the vote for Tuttle to participate in the Pioneer Library SystemContinue reading

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Dynamics of Healthy Missional Community – Biblical Seminary

About the time I think I am ready to write a book, I read what I was thinking already published. Call me slow. Maybe it is the temptation to delay finality on a subject. After all, learning is an ongoing experience in spite of references to “terminal degrees.” On … Continue reading

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Following Godin’s Advice … Dreaming of Theological Education on Demand

I am nearing my trek through Seth Godin’s Linchpin. One of the ways Godin has prodded me is with his suggestion that many keep what they are thinking to themselves out of fear of what the “teacher” might say. He contends the “lizard brain” resists innovation and is … Continue reading

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Partnering for Missional Youth Ministry

I am excited to point you to Biblical Seminary and their new Master’s Level Certificate in Youth Ministry. The partnership between Shapevine and Biblical Seminary moves to a new level. Alan Hirsch just completed the first course offered at Biblical via Shapevine’s new LMS.

My friend Mark Continue reading

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Three Is Enough … Todd Hunter

hunter1.jpgI met Todd Hunter about six years ago. Since that time we have hosted Todd on a few ETREK conference calls. He writes well about the missional turn. Yesterday Ed Stetzer posted the following release on his blog and today Jim Henderson with Off-the-Map included it in an e-mail. … Continue reading

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