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Soularize Webcast with “Starfish and the Spider” Author Ori Brafman

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My friend Spencer is putting together another learning party and inviting you to get a taste of things to come …

Soularize Webcast with “Starfish and the Spider” Author Ori Brafman รข?? This Thursday Oct 18, 6pm PST

Join us for a free Soularize FeedLive webcast preview this Thursday … Continue reading

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The Room Wins

etrek-1007_003.JPGLeadership beyond power took on an interesting twist as we gathered for our first of two days on the campus of Biblical Seminary. Sally works with a noted architect and together they use a phrase to describe the power of space, “The room always wins.” Rather than the normal … Continue reading

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On the Road

One of the places I enjoy traveling to his Hatfield, PA. Just outside of Philadelphia this little “burg” serves as the home of Biblical Theological Seminary. ETREK is hosting a course with Sally Morgenthaler on leadership – “Beyond Power – Leadership in a Flattened World.” It will be good … Continue reading

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On the road …

BiblicalI have been listening to Len Sweet’s "Napkin Scribbles" of late. These brief podcasts are recorded as Len travels around the Country. I thought about a short podcast with my thoughts while in Hatfiled, PA. Then it dawned on me. Many people know Len Sweet. Few people know Todd … Continue reading

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