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Advent Writing

Rather than write two different posts for Advent each day, if I manage to post each day of Advent, you may want to read those I post over at our church website.

[UPDATE: I will offer links to the individual posts.]

Hope: Tools of Peace Rather than War Continue reading

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The Turn of a Preposition – Hope for Relationships

I enjoy teaching. One of the best times of my week comes in sharing some time with a group of adults thinking about follow Jesus as we engage the Scriptures in a small group. Generally these settings call for an “expert” to “dispense” truth. Long ago I considered that … Continue reading

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Whose feet not to wash? …

38060434_feetSome may be sensitive about their feet. As far back as I can remember my feet often create(d) a degree of ogling. You could quickly associate the thoughts, "Those feet are ugly!" My family will on occasion make a comment. I do not find them so off-putting but then … Continue reading

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Not an accidental tourist … The Procession of the Palms …

Palm_sunday Some years ago I enjoyed the privilege of traveling around the world. I attended meetings in Hong Kong, Vancouver, Dresden and Durban to name a few destinations. Each time I received information from a selected travel agent outlining options including airfare and lodging. We could also choose tourist options … Continue reading

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